Facts and Guidelines

Cards and Notes

  1. Don’t include your location, private information (like phone number, address, email address etc), or the date on the card/letter. You can sign off your first name.
  2. Please write your full name on the envelope/box in which you mail your cards/letters, so we can confirm we have received them.
  3. Don’t solicit information from the recipients.
  4. It is not required to put your cards and notes in individual envelopes, as many facilities screen cards before distributing them. However, you can use to include envelopes for individual cards if you would like.
  5. Make the cards and notes uplifting. Don’t refer to sickness or health (like “get well soon”). Please don’t include any negative thoughts (for example, don’t write comments like “although you may be discouraged right now…”).
  6. Facilities don’t give us the personal information for the recipients of the cards and notes. Please keep them generic. You can start out with “hello” or “dear friend,” or any other ideas you have.
  7. If you are bilingual, we encourage you to make cards and notes in different languages!
  8. You can make your cards and notes for specific occasions, like birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, etc.
  9. Be creative! We’ve gotten encouraging messages, quotes, poems, drawings, paintings, origami, and much more from volunteers. Send anything which would brighten someone’s day.
  10. During COVID-19, cards are sanitized before distribution.


  1. We accept donations of all devices that are functional and preferably camera-enabled so seniors can video chat with seniors.
  2. Examples include Apple, Android, Amazon Kindles, etc.
  3. Once you fill out our contact form, we can share more information about how to give your device.

Volunteer Hours

  1. Please let us know if you require verification for volunteer hours. Once your cards are done, we will share a mandatory form which must be filled out before mailing and verification of hours.
  2. This guideline applies only to those who are requesting service hours: Your cards must be larger than 4.25 in x 5.5 in (a standard greeting card size). For example, if you have cardstock paper that is 8.5×11, and you fold it in half, you can use that for your cards.
  3. Please do not type your letters.
  4. At this time, we cannot offer hours for court-ordered service.
  5. Once we receive your mailed cards, we can verify your hours.
  6. Please make/write something you would have loved to receive yourself.