General Questions

Who is Brighten A Day? 

Brighten A Day is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that brightens the day of those in need of some cheer. We work to improve the lives of those who are facing loneliness. Brighten A Day works with nursing homes, hospitals, and retirement homes to brighten the days of individuals in these locations. By sending cards, letters, gifts, conversations, video messages, devices, care packages and more, we spread joy and fight loneliness. 

What does Brighten A Day fight for?

Brighten A Day fights both to mitigate the loneliness epidemic and to brighten the days of those in need of cheer. Loneliness is devastating to those that experience it, and it packs an array of harmful consequences. With this issue on the rise, it is incredibly important to fight it. Furthermore, we work to brighten the days of individuals all over the country and world. There are many that could use a little cheering up, and we work to make our impact felt by spreading joy and kindness. 

Why is Brighten A Day’s mission important?

Our mission is incredibly important. With the loneliness epidemic affecting three out of five people, it is our responsibility to help those affected. Isolation and loneliness pack many harmful consequences and are devastating to those that experience them. We work to ensure that no individual has to face this experience by spreading kindness and cheer. 

How can I help?

Brighten A Day has many volunteer opportunities available for a wide range of volunteers. Younger volunteers, or those with less time, may be interested in our opportunities such as creating cards, art, and videos. Those looking to make more of a commitment to Brighten A Day may explore options for joining our team. Regardless of the opportunity you are interested in, we would love to have you as a part of our difference-making volunteer community. 

How can my impact be felt? 

However small you think your impact would be, we assure you that a simple act can make an individual’s day, week, and month. For those facing isolation and loneliness, your heartfelt actions can make the biggest difference in the world. We have received countless affirmations from the recipients of our services that prove that your kind impact will definitely be felt.

Questions about Sending Cards

Who do I address my cards to?

Due to privacy regulations, Brighten A Day does not receive personal information about the recipients of the cards, such as their first names. As such, we recommend you start off with a generic greeting like “Dear Friend” or “Hello”.

How many cards can I make?

There is no minimum or maximum for the number of cards you can make! Each and every card brightens someone’s day.

Do you have ideas for what to send?

Share something about yourself, such as some of your interests. You can also include jokes, encouraging messages, riddles, quotes, poems, puzzles, drawings, etc. that would bring a smile to the recipient. You can also include other items with your cards, such as paintings, origami, bookmarks, and stickers.

Can I repeat designs or messages?

Yes! When we sort cards, we ensure that each card from a volunteer goes to a different facility. This means that all of your cards will go to different seniors. 

Where can I send you pictures of our cards and card-making?

Please email us any pictures, or post them on social media, tagging us @BrightenADayFdn.

Do cards have to be in English? 

Not at all! We serve many bilingual seniors and are always in need of cards in languages besides English.

Where can I find you on social media?

Facebook (@BrightenADayFdn) and Instagram (@BrightenADayFdn)