It takes only 5 minutes to brighten someone's day.

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    Send handwritten notes/cards to cheer up recipients.Donate a device (Android, Apple, or other) to help seniors stay connected with family members and others. We receive many requests for devices and they allow all the residents of a retirement home stay connected with loved ones.Have short conversations with seniors through video chat/telephone calls.Send videos with encouraging messages to seniors to let them know they are not alone.Show off your talents (like singing, dancing, reading poetry, etc.) to uplift the spirits of seniors.Assemble care packs for retirement home residents or children in the hospitalCreate a chapter of Brighten A Day in your area.

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    Brighten A Day depends on volunteers for our service, but did you know that volunteering also increases self-confidence, fights depression, and helps you stay healthy? Volunteering is also one of the world’s most essential services, providing additional support for the most vulnerable and increasing the positive impact that organizations can make.

    At Brighten A Day, an entirely volunteer-run organization, we rely heavily on the support of volunteers like you to continue our services in the community. Brighten A Day promotes positivity around the world and targets loneliness, which negatively impacts mental and physical health. Volunteering with our organization is a clear path to making a difference. Volunteering has no limits — we need your help no matter your age, background, or location — to bring smiles to the faces of seniors and frontline workers. Volunteers of all ages can gain so much from giving their time and talents to our service organization, including the development of empathy, world perspective, a balanced outlook, and greater connections with their community

    There are so many reasons to give your time, and there’s no limit to the benefits you will receive when you volunteer. Brighten A Day needs you on the frontlines of the fight against loneliness — you have the power to make a true difference.

    Getting your business or organization involved can foster greater cooperation, leadership, and pride in your group. See here for ideas for group events.

    Sign up below to make a global impact by trying one or more of the following service projects:

    • Send us a card or letter with a positive, creative message to bring cheer to nursing homes, hospitals, and frontline locations
    • Create a short 30-second video sharing an uplifting message
    • Share your talents by making a 2-3 minute video- you can sing, dance, tell jokes, juggle, or demonstrate a rare talent!
    • Volunteer your time to talk with nursing home residents via telephone or video chat
    • Donate an electronic device to give seniors a way to speak to their family during the pandemic
    • Help us spread our services to your area by starting a Brighten a Day chapter
    • Join our leadership team and become a part of our social media, outreach, or fundraising groups
    • Follow Brighten A Day on social media and spread the word about our organization
    • Connect us with nursing facilities in your area that we can send cards, letters, and electronic devices to
    • Assemble care packages for an assisted living facility
    • Donate PPE such as masks, face shields, or gloves

    In just five minutes, you can make a lifetime of difference. Join the Brighten A Day community and start making an impact today!