It takes only 5 minutes to brighten someone's day.

Brighten A Day is completely volunteer-run. We rely on our volunteers’ support to continue making people smile. 

Both individuals and groups work with Brighten A Day to spread cheer. We have had people from all ages, backgrounds, and geographic locations volunteer. We highly encourage you to get your children involved, because engaging them in community service at an early age instills in them characteristics of successful citizens, including empathy, leadership, and respect. 

We also verify volunteer hours for students and businesses.

Below are a few ways in which you can give back to the community through Brighten A Day. You can also join our leadership team here to help out with social media, outreach, or fundraising.

There are a variety of ways to get involved, including:

  • Making cheerful cards 
  • Writing uplifting letters
  • Recording a 30-second encouraging video message
  • Recording a 2-3 minute video showing off a talent such as singing, dancing, playing music, or telling jokes
  • Having virtual conversations with seniors through telephone or video calls
  • Donating a device to help seniors video chat with family
  • Starting a chapter of Brighten A Day in your area

It’s easy to sign up – just fill out the form below and we’ll email you information about how to get started. 

    Send handwritten notes/cards to cheer up recipients.Donate a device (Android, Apple, or other) to help seniors stay connected with family members and others. We receive many requests for devices and they allow all the residents of a retirement home stay connected with loved ones.Have short conversations with seniors through video chat/telephone calls.Send videos with encouraging messages to seniors to let them know they are not alone.Show off your talents (like singing, dancing, reading poetry, etc.) to uplift the spirits of seniors.Assemble care packs for retirement home residents or children in the hospitalCreate a chapter of Brighten A Day in your area.

    Please also remember to like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @BrightenADayFdn.