Ideas for Companies and Service Groups

Below are a few projects that may be a good fit if your company or service group is organizing a group event. Please sign up here if you are interested in any of these projects.

Card-Making Activity

Hold a virtual event where team members can make cards to send in to Brighten A Day. Through this event, your group has the ability to make a large impact – every single card makes a recipient smile!

A university alumni group in New York City held this event to make holiday cards!

These church members in Vancouver, Canada, made cards together to spread cheer!

In-Person Cards Event

If possible given Covid guidelines in your area, meet in person to make cards and brighten days! This is a fun and impactful afternoon activity. 

Group Video

Make a cheerful video from your team to retirement home residents to brighten their days, or for frontline workers to show your support for what they do for us.

A company recorded this short uplifting video to spread cheer to retirement home residents. 

These are devices donated by a group – altogether, they enabled hundreds of retirement home residents to have regular video chats with loved ones.


Support our work with a donation, either monetary or of camera-enabled devices. Donations allow us to alleviate isolation amongst seniors, patients, and frontline workers by spreading cheer and brightening days.