Below are some thank-you messages we have received from nursing homes, hospitals, and community members!
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Messages from Hospitals, Retirement Homes, and More...​

TreVista Senior Living, California

We did received the package!! Thank you so much.

You are awesome!!! Thanks again to you and all your volunteers!!  We can’t tell you enough how much these mean to our Memory Care residents.  They are suffering from Dementia and Alzheimers and to see their faces light up with these cards is very heartwarming.

Library Terrace Apartments, Wisconsin

Our Christmas was Merrier with the wonderful Christmas Cards you sent. We received them yesterday and I passed them out today during our exercise program. I either read them or have the resident read them out loud. They enjoy when the writer shares with them what city and state they live in.

Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for all you do.

Blue Ridge Place, Oklahoma

We got them today! Thank you so much! It made one of my residents cry.

Maunalani Nursing & Rehab Center, Hawaii

Aloha Hita,

Your “Brighten a Day” has TRULY IMPRESSED us here at Maunalani Nursing and Rehab Center.

The cards and the video has really attained your purpose!

You have made many  of our people  cry because they are very happy and touched… that a young girl like you in the community has thought about them.

On our behalf, PLEASE THANK ALL THE OTHERS who  JOINED YOU in your video.

Great job! VERY AWESOME.

Churchill Manor, Alberta, Canada

Thank you for spreading some joy to our building.

Westminster Woods at Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

We received your cards. Thank you for thinking of our residents.

ParkWest HealthCare Center, California

THANK YOU again for your wonderful, caring, artistic work in sending cards recently to ParkWest HealthCare Center.  The residents just loved the cards.

Generations at Oakton Arms, Illinois

Thank you so much for the cards and valentines!! Our residents were so shocked to be receiving so many cards on Valentine’s Day and were truly touched by the kindness!! Even though I had already read the cards before distributing them, I had many residents showing them to me after they received them saying “Oh, look at this one. It’s so beautiful! You have to read it too.” So I looked at them all again as if I’d never seen them before!!!!

Thank you again for Brightening Their Day!!

The Ellison John TCC, California

The cards are so sweet….love them.  I’ll have a resident write a thank you card that you can share.

Regency Park Long Term Care Home, Canada

Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas cards.   Our resident loved them.  This year has been very different for us all which made these cards extra special for our residents.

The Pavilion at Glacier Valley, Wisconsin
We did receive the package – and thank you so much.
We share them with our residents who admit and are under a 14 day quarantine and those residents who don’t have a lot of family calls/window visits. They really brighten up someone’s day!
Thank you and God Bless You and your team!

The Inn at Sarasota Bay Club, Florida

Your package was received yesterday.

Thank you for the cheerful holiday messages!

The E-reader will be thoroughly enjoyed; so many of our residents enjoy books.

Windsor of Savoy, Illinois

Oh my thank you so much!  We received the cards today, and hidden in the middle was a precious Kindle.  The residents will love getting to use it.  You group sure did show us the true meaning of the season.

Blessing to you and your organizations for all you do for those needing a little boost.

Heritage Woods of Freeport, Illinois

I did receive the package today.

Northbridge Health Center, Connecticut

Thank you so much we just received the package.

Huntsville Post-Acute and Rehabilitation Center, Tennessee

Yes I have received the package today thank you so much.

Middlefield Oaks Assisted Living and Memory Care, Oregon

I came in this morning and your package of wonderful cards and letters were on my desk along with a brand new Kindle Fire which the residents will thoroughly enjoy. We do have a staff member who tested positive for the Covid and we are in lock down and in isolation at this time so your letters and cards will definitely bring a smile to their sad faces.

Kerens Care Center, Texas

We got your cards and letters today so later I will be passing them out. Thank you so much for this little ray of sunshine.

Waters of Smyrna, Tennessee

Thank you so much, this week I will pass them out.

Bridgeway Senior Healthcare, New Jersey

I received your package thank you so much!

Colorow Care Center, Colorado

I wanted to say thank you for the Easter cards our facility received. Our elders and staff members were very blessed to have this given to use. I was not able to be here when they passed them out but I was told it was very well received, Again thank you for taking the time to put together and send the cards to us.

Frederick Health & Rehabilitation Center, Maryland

We received your package today. Thank you.

Concordia Lutheran Ministiries, Pennsylvania

We received the package, thank you so much. This is a very impressive thing for you to have done. Your family should be very proud for you.

Happy Holidays and THANK YOU!

Matulaitis Rehabilitation and Skilled Care, Connecticut

merry christmas and thank you very much!

The Boulevard Senior Living, Missouri

I got the cards! Thank you sooo much! We are going to pass them out to our Memory Care.

Aberdeen Memory Care, Oklahoma
I received your letters yesterday, We are Christmas Caroling and passing them out. Thanks again for the letters.

Life Care Center of Ocala, Florida
Thank You! Yes, we received the package of cards/letters today. Thank you again for the wonderful idea of sending holiday cheer to our residents. We sure do need a little of that. Thanks, we appreciate it whole bunch!!!.

Ocean Hills Senior Living, California
Thank you very much for the cards. It means so much to all of us. I have put them in the residents’ mailboxes! (:

Parkmoor Village Healthcare Center, Colorado
Please pass on our gratitude for providing the greeting cards. Due to your generosity, my team members were able to include these greetings into each holiday gift basket.

First Montclair House, New Jersey
We did get the cards, thank you so much! I am going to add them to the resident’s “treat bags” for Halloween.

The Reutlinger Community, California
The cards were so lovely; they brought many smiles to our residents Thank you for the kind words, beautiful & creative illustrations, & positive, heartfelt messages. It is a beautiful thing that your organization does during this pandemic. Please thank your wonderful team, everyone who was involved and created a card for our Skilled Nursing Residents.

Torrance Memorial Medical Center, California
The cards are adorable and will cheer up lots of our patients.

Thank everyone for us and let them know we appreciate this beautiful gesture.  The world needs it right now.

San Ramon Regional Medical Center, California
Thank you so much!  I just received the package.

Bridges Cornell Heights, New York

Your package arrived last week and the Staff & residents at Bridges truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and creativity. We will be sharing the materials and enjoying the sentiments with our seniors this coming week.  Thank you again for your generosity of spirit!

Ansel Park Senior Living, California
Yes, we received them. I will start dispersing them to our residents this afternoon. Thank you so much 🙂

Covenant Place, North Carolina

Thank you and your volunteers for your generous efforts to make the lives of our residents more brighter.

Willow Ridge Memory Care, North Carolina

We received the letters and are so grateful!

Springhouse Village of Collierville, Tennessee

Thank you for helping us celebrate Valentines Day!

Inglis House, Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for sending us a package!

Parkwest Healthcare Center, California

I just received the package!

Thank you soOooo much!!! Our residents will be very appreciative and thankful for these cards!

Much blessing to you and your volunteers for all that you do!!!!

Regency Park Long Term Care Home, Ontario, Canada

Thank you and to all your volunteers, it will sure to bring joy to our residents.

Evergreen Woods, Connecticut

Received the package yesterday. Thank you so much!

Southridge Place, Oklahoma

I received the cards! I know it will brighten the days of the residents.  

Broadway House for Continuing Care, New Jersey

I’m confirming receipt of the package. I’m so excited to distribute them to our residents 🙂

Missouri Slope, North Dakota

We would like to thank you for the nice cards and jokes that you sent.

Staff enjoy giving them out and Residents are enjoying receiving them. Staff also share the jokes on a 1-1 basis or in a group, the laugh was nice to hear again. Thank you again.

Leisure Chateau Care & Rehabilitation Center, New Jersey

We have received our wonderful package from you’re amazing organization!! Thank you so very much!! Our residents absolutely love the encouraging and thoughtful words.

Summerset Assisted Living, Georgia

Thank you for your email. Yes, we got them. The residents were so excited!!

Hale House, Massachusetts

Thank you so much I got the package yesterday.

Broomall Manor, Pennsylvania

Yes we received your package yesterday. Thank you for the cards and masks. We’ll pass on the your messages.

Astor Place, Oregon

Thank you! I look forward to distributing them to the residents. I’ll keep you posted! 


Mt. Assisi Place, Pennsylvania

Thank you for the cards!!!  We passed them out today at our Valentine’s Party! 

Thank you so much!  They love receiving your cards!

Summerset Assisted Living, Georgia

The resident’s loved the care packages. You guys are so awesome!!! You have put so many smiles on our resident’s faces!!!!

Colorow Care Center, Colorado

The cards and tablet arrived! We are so grateful. We have some of our elders on 1:1 specialized programs and this will help with the interaction and options we have to engage them in different ways. Thank you so much for providing this program.

Charles Meadows Apartments, Ohio

I received the package yesterday! Thank you so much for your kindness.

Rose Senior Living, Ohio

Got the package….thanks!

Concord Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, New Jersey

We received the package, thank you!

Tuscola Healthcare Center, Illinois

I received the package today. Thank you.

Pembilier Nursing Center, North Dakota

Thank you, just got the cards and tablet in the mail today!

Yorktown Assisted Living Residence, New York

Thank you so much! We are working on setting the tablet up for our residents as well as distributing all the beautiful inspirational cards.

Thank you.

Juliette Fowler Communities, Texas

We received the package – thank you! 

Mount Olivet Home, Minneapolis

I received the package yesterday! Thank you so much – the cards are so creative and fun! We will also put the Kindle Fire to good use!

Veterans Home of California – Ventura, California

Package received and the veterans are appreciative – thanks much. 

Washington State Soldiers Home, Washington

Thank you to Brighten A Day for the generous donation of the Fire tablet and cards and letters for the WA Soldiers Home residents! This donation will enhance the services provided to the residents and contribute to their improved quality of life.  

The support of Brighten A Day for the WA Soldiers Home residents is greatly appreciated!

Creekside Terrace Rehabilitation, Texas

The cards are so sweet and lovely.  Thank you for the tablet as well. I have a couple of residents who love to read and will be able to use it to call family. This has truly “brightened the day” of many.  Thank you for your passion for the elderly.  It is most appreciated.

Accel Nursing and Rehab, Texas

I received our package this morning!

Thank you so very much!

Welsh Home, Ohio

What you do is so important and and welcoming to all our residents. My staff and myself so appreciate when people such as yourself and your volunteers reach out. It helps lift spirits, puts smiles on their faces, and also gives them the incentive to begin joining group activities again. We received the package yesterday. Thank you!

Solon Pointe, Ohio

I cannot thank you enough, from the bottom of my heart, for sending us the tablet and wonderfully cheerful cards. The residents were so very touched by the kindness!!!

All the best to you in the future! Please keep in touch and let us know how you and Brighten-a-Day is doing!

Sterling Oaks Rehabilitation, Texas

We received the package! Oh my goodness, that is so very generous of you!

Thank you so very much again!

Floresville Nursing & Rehabilitation, Texas

I received the package form Brighten A Day yesterday late afternoon. We’re excited to have received your package and share them with our residents. I thank you for all your doing. It is wonderful to see the love and compassion you have. God Bless! 

San Antonio Residence & Rehabilitation, Texas

We have received your tablet, thank you so much, we are sure that our residents will really enjoy it and the cards. Thanks!

Trinity Community of Fairborn, Ohio

I received the package. Thank you again. I know the residents will love the cards. We do display them in their rooms on the door or wall, wherever the resident prefers.

Wyndham Manor Care Home, United Kingdom

Hi, Thank you for the package of cards you sent. My residents love to receive your cards and letters.

Meadowside Care Home, United Kingdom

We received the letters today..thank you very much.

Generations at Oakton Arms, Illinois

They arrived while I was out sick yesterday! Thanks so much as always!!!!

The Lodge at Wake Forest, North Carolina

We received them and the residents loved them!! Thank you so much!!

CrossTimbers Rehabilitation and Healthcare, Texas

I just wanted to let you know that I did get the package. The residents loved and appreciated the cards so much. 

The Village at Rosy Mound, Michigan 

We greatly appreciate you sending love to Rosy Mound, as this will brighten their day!

Atria Kingwood, Texas

I appreciate all that you are doing for our residents and community. Your efforts and time spent are not going unnoticed.

Thank you!

Shads Landing, North Carolina

Thank you so much – we are on quarantine again so this timing is so PERFECT for the cards!!!

Pinnacle Rehabilitation & Health Center, Delaware

I received your package. Thank you so much for sending it. 

Regency Long Term Care Home, Ontario

The cards we received from you. We can’t thank you enough

I did open the envelope and the cards are absolutely beautiful. Please let your volunteers know their kindness is sooooooo greatly appreciated.

Palm Grove, Christchurch, New Zealand

They enjoy reading the cards out to their friends ,smiles are on their faces while they listen

Regency Long Term Care Home, Ontario, Canada

Every message brings a smile to our residents face

JML Care Center, Falmouth, Massachusetts

They do exactly what their name says. They brighten our residents’ days. We use our tablet to bring new fun game activities they love and the cards brighten their days and bring joy. Thank you all who contribute, and our facility now engages in creating cards to send back

Lehigh Valley Hospital – Pocono, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Brighten A Day cards put smiles on our patient’s faces! They were very much appreciated!

Lowrie Place, Butler Township, Pennsylvania

“So welcomed, Made my day”

Lebanon Center, Lebanon, New Hampshire

Brigthen A Day has helped fill a void for many of our residents who are increasingly isolated related to covid-19 precautions

Autumn Lake Healthcare at Arlington West, Baltimore, Maryland

our residents get so happy when we pass out the cards it is the best part of their day!

Welsh Home, Rocky River, Ohio

Every body looks forward to receiving mail. These cards and letters brighten my day for the whole day. I read them over and over. Thank you for thinking of us

Carroll Health Care Center, Carrollton, Ohio

Our Residents love the cards. You bring such a smile to their faces!

Concord Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, Lakewood, New Jersey

Our residents love getting the cards and using the donated tablet

Leisure Chateau Care & Rehabilitation Center, Lakewood, New Jersey

“I often feel alone because of the pandemic…these beautiful cards reassure me that times will get better and I am loved.”

Library Terrace Apartments, Kenosha, Wisconsin

One of residents said “I am so grateful that there are still people out there that take the time to care. My letters have been so cheerful, I especially love it when they send a nature picture.”

Accel Nursing and Rehab, College Station, Texas

My residents love playing games on the kindle fire! Thank you so very much!!

Broomall Manor, Broomall, Pennsylvania

The residents enjoyed the letters ,cards & gifts especially those resident who doesn’t have families.

Singleton Health Care Center, Cleveland, Ohio

My residents were so touched and thrilled to receive greeting cards from Brighten a Day volunteers. Who knew how much one impact one greeting card made with love could have? Thank you!

Lebanon Square Senior Apartments, Lebanon, Tennessee

“Receiving this card from a stranger has made me realize that there really is still people on this earth that has kind , and caring hearts for others and make me smile inside”

-from a resident

Artis Senior Living of Huntingdon Valley, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

This organization has helped our community combat social isolation during the pandemic by providing constant communication with volunteers via cards, virtual visits and Kindle donations.

Hale House, Boston, Massachusetts

One of our residents looks forward to his weekly video chat with Brighten A day volunteer.

Sandpiper Rehab & Nursing, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Residents love receiving these cards! They always put a smile on their faces!

Keystone Commons, Ludlow, Massachusetts

“Brought sunshine to my day and made me feel like I still someone thinking of me.”

Brier Oak on Sunset, Los Angeles, California

the simplest gestures makes the biggest impact.

The Woods at Canco, Portland, Maine

Our residents enjoy receiving letters that help to brighten their days!

Creekside Terrace Rehabilitation, Belton, Texas

Thank you for caring. This is so nice.

Clear Creek Care Center, Westminster, Colorado

These cards are a lovely reminder that someone out in the world thought of us.

Solon Pointe, Solon, Ohio

Brighten A Day lifted the spirits of our residents, many of whom posted the cheery cards on their personal bulletin boards!

Maryville Living Center, Maryville, Missouri

smiles to faces as they get mail

Savannah Grand, West Monroe, Louisiana

“You mean a stranger cares about me?”

Berkshire County Arc, Westfield, Massachusetts

“this is so awesome that I’m getting cards”

Parkmoor Village Healthcare Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I enjoy receiving mail. Whoever wrote to me, I want to thank them.”

Regency Long Term Care Home, Ontario, Canadia

“The kind words just make our day”

Lebanon Square Senior Apartments, Lebanon, Tennessee

I see more smiles as bright as the sun as they open up a little cheerful fun

Providence at Ted Trout, Texas

Thank you for what you are doing. 

Brentwood at St Pete, Florida

I just received our package today.  The residents are going to love them!

Thank you for all that you do!

Augusta Place – A Prospera Community, North Dakota

We have received the cards. Thank you!

Woodbury Senior Living, Minnesota

Your package with valentines and Masks just arrived .

Thank you so much for thinking of us as always.

Lyndale Edmond Senior Living, Oklahoma

We received the cards. Thank you so much!

Springhouse Village of Collierville, Tennessee

The cards are terrific!  Thank you for thinking of us!

Covenant Place & The Willows, North Carolina

Thank you for sending the videos.  We plan to show it to our residents at our next community gathering.  Also, I am emailing to inform you I received the package with the cards and special messages from your volunteers.  Thanks again to you and your Brighten A Day volunteers!

Atria Senior Living, Texas

I received the letters! 🙂

The Village at Rosy Mound, Michigan

The Village at Rosy Mound has received the lovely Valentine’s Day & Birthday cards. We greatly appreciate it. 

Artis Senior Living of Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

Thank you so much. We received your cards and masks in the mail the other day. We really appreciate it!

Atria Park of Ann Arbor, Michigan

I received your cards today! Thank you! We are playing Bingo today and I intend on passing them out to residents then! Thank you for the videos, I will show my residents. 

Summerset Assisted Living, Georgia

These are great!  I can’t wait to show them to our residents.

Springhouse Village of Collierville, Tennessee

Thank you for sharing.  These videos are beautiful.

The Pavilion Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Massachusetts

We received the tablet this week along with the valentines cards. Thank you again for this opportunity.

Bridgeway Senior Healthcare, New Jersey

Thank you we did get the cards 

The Woods at Canco, Maine

The package arrived – thank you!! 

Consulate Winter Haven, Florida

Received both cards and the Fire tablet.

Thank you.

Sunapee Cove Assisted Living, New Hampshire

We received the lovely Valentine’s Day cards from you.  Thank you, thank you!  🙂

Thanks again for Brightening the day of my beloved residents!!

Westminster Suncoast, Florida

I just received it, thanks so much!

The Sheridan at Birmingham, Michigan

Received the cards. Thank you so much!

Briarview Senior Living, Texas

Thank you for thinking of us!

Village Veranda at Lady Lake, Florida

Thank you SO much for the cards and letters!  The residents loved reading them!  It truly made their day!  

The Pavilion Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Massachusetts


Maple View Memory Care, North Dakota

We received the cards today. They really enjoyed them! 

Thank You!

Concord Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, New Jersey


Thank you so much

Heritage Woods Senior Living, North Carolina

I received the package this morning.  Thank you so much for putting this together for our residents. I know this will put a smile on their faces.

Strasburg Care Center, North Dakota

We received the package. Thank you!

Lebanon Square, Tennessee

I received the package today and they can’t wait to get started with this. It’s going to be so fun. I really appreciate everything you all do for our loving and sweet seniors. Thank you so much.

Matulaitis Nursing Home, Connecticut

I received your package just the other day – finally opening it and sharing it with dept/residents!! Lots of cards – thank you! The residents really love them – they are beautiful and very thoughtful:)

Pine Knoll Nursing Center, Massachusetts

I received your package today and will distribute the cards this afternoon.

JML Care Center, Massachusetts

We received your tablet and cards. Thank you beyond words. Your kindness is making a difference in our residents’ lives. Thank you again! 

Calhoun Nursing & Rehab Center, Illinois

Thank you so much for sending the package. We have received it. I can’t wait to start using the Fire Tablet.

Sharpview Residence & Rehabilitation, Texas

We received the package. The Activity department distributed them as well as assisted in reading them. It did BRIGHTEN up their day.

Sabal Palms Assisted Living, Florida

We received the tablet and have our first family video call set up this week with it.  The cards are great, and definitely brighten their days. 

Georgia War Veterans Home, Georgia

We received the package of cards yesterday.  I can’t wait to pass them out. Thank you so much.

Washington Soldiers Home, Washington

Thank you again for the wonderful uplifting cards and tablet! We are working with IT to set-up the tablet, since it will be used for telehealth in addition for residents’ activities.

Iowa Veterans Home, Iowa

We received the package of cards for residents. Thank you and your organization for putting a smile on their faces!

Singleton Health Care Center, Ohio

Thank you SO much! The residents LOVED your cards. They brought smiles to their faces!

Please thank your volunteers for us.

We are so touched by you and your beautiful mission. Keep up the great work!

God Bless!

Greenfield Care Center of South Gate, California

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful cards that were given to us made by your lovely volunteers. Our residents here loved the cards very much and they arrived in time for our residents who just had their birthdays as well! 

Once again thank you so much for the lovely cards, we all loved them.

Clinton Veterans Center, Oklahoma

We received the package of cards!

Country Winds Manor, Iowa

We received the package today!

We will be dividing them out and giving to our residents tomorrow.  Thank you so much for what you do. Our residents love getting mail and some don’t get mail other than this, so it’s much appreciated!

Artis Senior Living of Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

I received your package today!

Hale House, Massachusetts

I got the package! Thank you so much.

Leisure Chateau Care & Rehabilitation Center, New Jersey

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for the tablet!!! I can’t thank you enough for all of the volunteers and the time they have put in to brightening our residents days!!!! 

Frederick Health & Rehabilitation Center, Maryland

We received the package. I am in the process of setting it up.

Thank you again for thinking of Us. 

Aristacare at Cherry Hill, New Jersey

On behalf of Aristacare at Cherry Hill , we would like to thank you for your kind gestures; these cards can truly brighten a resident’s day! So meaningful!

Juliette Fowler Communities, Texas

We received your package of cards today, thank you!

Colorow Care Center, Colorado

We got the letters and cards in thank you so much! The elders will love them.

Townehall Place of West Bloomfield, Michigan

I received the envelope with the cards. It came over the weekend, and I received it Monday morning. The cards are so nice, and our residents will be thrilled to receive them tomorrow 🙂

Thank you!

Heart to Home, Minnesota

Thank you so much, I received the package today. I’ll bring them around to our residents today. Thank you so much!

Kind-er Care Assisted Living, North Dakota

We received the cards and they loved them!! We opened them on Easter and it was such a sweet thing for each of the residents to read. Thank you for doing that!

Strasburg Care Center, North Dakota

Thank you for the nice cards & letters.

Pembilier Nursing Center, North Dakota

We got your letters, thank you!

The Landings of Kaukauna, Wisconsin

We received the package and the Resident’s enjoyed the cards very much. Thank you!

Summerset Assisted Living Community, Georgia

I had a chance to pass out the cards this morning. They were AMAZING!! Some of the cards were really sweet and one of the resident’s said that receiving a card made her feel so good!!

One card was a pop-up card that a resident really enjoyed!! This was an AWESOME Christmas gift for the residents.

Thank you so very much!!

Cinco Ranch Alzheimer’s Special Care Center, Texas

Thank you so much for the cards. The residents enjoyed them. Thank you so much. At times like this, cards and letters mean a lot. Thanks again!

Broomall Manor, Pennsylvania

The Christmas cards arrived.

Thank you for all you do for our residents.

Windsor of Savoy, Illinois

I have received the cards. Thank you.

Accel Nursing and Rehab, Texas

I received the cards and letters!!!


Pinnacle Rehabilitation & Health Center, Delaware

We received an envelope with cards today.

The residents all said thank you. One resident said that it made her day. Another was so happy that someone thought of her.

Thank you so much!!! 

The Welsh Home, Ohio

We received the letters and our residents will get them on there holiday tray. Thank you so much.

JML Care Center, Massachusetts

We received the holiday cards today thank you!! The residents are so happy!

Lehigh Valley Hospital – Pocono, Pennsylvania

The package arrived. Thank you so much to you and your volunteers again this year! A little Christmas cheer goes a long way to anyone in the hospital for the holiday. It is very much appreciated!

Singleton Health Care Center, Ohio

Received! They are much appreciated!!

Lebanon Square Senior Apartments, Tennessee

We received the Holiday cards and I had my co worker give those out to our lovely Tenants . Although I was very saddened that I wasn’t here to get to see the reactions but I know they loved them as some of them has come to me and said just that. Thank you so much for caring for my Tenants and Seniors , I really appreciate all you do.

Artis Senior Living of Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

I did receive your package the other day. Thanks again! They were amazing!

Hale House, Massachusetts

We received the holiday cards.

Thank you so much.

Keystone Commons, Massachusetts

We received the letters and they are lovely. They are being passed out today.

Thank you so to all the volunteers who took the time out of their day to brighten someone else’s day.

Baxter Senior Living, Alaska

We just received your package of letters and cards a few days ago. I put each of them in one of the several Christmas bags that I will be handing out tomorrow morning.

Thank you so much for the time and effort you and your foundation gave to our residents. I’ve given a few of them a sneak peek at the cards and so far, I’ve been given raving reviews about it. I cannot wait to see their faces and hear their reactions to the cards and gift bags that we’re planning on giving to them.

Again, thank you so very much for the cards. I cannot express enough how appreciative I am for them and for your organization for reaching out and offering your services to us.

The Woods at Canco, Maine

Thank you for thinking of us and taking the time to make these sweet notes.

Creekside Terrace Rehabilitation, Texas

Thank you so much! I just received your package today. I’m passing out Christmas gifts to all of the residents today, and I’ll include your cards in that.

Clear Creek Care Center, Colorado

Cards received today. Thank you so very much!

Maryville Living Center, Missouri

The cards and letters were handed out on Saturday! What smiles they brought.

The Waters of Smyrna, Tennessee

We received the cards and how sweet. Thank you they all got one with their gifts.

Berkshire County Arc, Massachusetts

Merry Christmas to you and all the wonderful caring folks that helps you with your brighten A Day program. We received the envelope filled with holiday cheer. THANK YOU very much for bringing smiles to the folks that I work with. 

Parkmoor Village Healthcare Center, Colorado

We received the holiday cards! Thank you so much, it has brightened our residents’ day!

Happy Holidays!

Leisure Homestead, Kansas

We received the cards and they are greatly appreciated and made many residents day!

Bethel Nursing and Rehab Center, New York

Thank you so much! Received the cards today.

Morningside of Chesterfield Village, Missouri

We received the letters! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!

The Manor, Vermont

Good Morning, Your package has been delivered.

Thank-you and Merry Christmas

Cinco Ranch Alzheimer’s Special Care Center, Texas

Thank you so much for the cards. The residents enjoyed them. Thank you so much. At times like this, cards and letters mean a lot. Thanks again!

Liberty Village of Streator, Illinois

We received our cards yesterday and have distributed some of them.

Thank you so much for all you do. We are truly grateful to have wonderful programs that make a difference in our resident’s lives.

All the best and happy holidays!

Yorktown Assisted Living Residence, New York

We received them!

Thanks so much.

Mount Olivet Careview Home, Minnesota

The package has arrived! Thank you to all volunteers!

CrossTimbers Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, Texas

Thank you so much, our residents loved the cards.

Greenspring Village, Virginia

We received the cards and letters; thank you.

The seniors will love them.

Parkview Care Center, Colorado

We received the cards!! I plan to pass them out on Christmas.

Celebre Place Assisted Living, Wisconsin

I just received your package!

Thank you much!

Mexia LTC Nursing and Rehab, Texas

We received your cards! Thanks so much for brightening our residents’ day.

The Woods at Canco, Maine

I have received the cards, thank you so much!!

The Pavilion at Glacier Valley

We received the package. 

I truly appreciate the work you and your volunteers do in spreading cheer to our resident’s. I know they will adore the cards and cheer you have sent!

Heritage Woods of Freeport, Illinois

Package of cards was received today.

Eagle Ridge of Grand Valley, Colorado

I received the cards and letters, thank you!

Clinton Veteran’s Center, Oklahoma

I received the cards this morning! Thank you so much for thinking of our residents during this holiday season!

Groesbeck LTC Nursing & Rehab, Texas

We got the cards, thanks!

Kent Place Senior Home, Washington

We just received the cards and tablet today! We so appreciate this! The residents were thrilled! Thank you again.

Woodlake Nursing and Rehab, Texas

We received the cards, thank you!

Cedar Manor Nursing & Rehab, Texas

Thank you so much for the cards and the tablet. It is a blessing for sure. Especially right here at Christmas!

Greenspring Village, Virginia

Package arrived; thanks.

Genesis Senior Living Center, Iowa

Thank you so much for our letters you send to us. The residents enjoyed them, we got them in time for our valentines day celebration.

Okatie Pines Retirement Community, South Carolina

I received your letters! My residents and I are so grateful!

The Pavilion, Ohio

Thank you so much for the cards! 

Georgian Gardens Center for Rehab and Healthcare, Missouri

Thank you so much. I just received the device and cards. I am working on setting it up. We are excited to get started.

Generations at Peoria, Illinois

We received your letters and masks this week. Thank you! 

Lehigh Valley Hospital – Pocono, Pennsylvania

This is so nice of you! I really appreciate all of your volunteers and their kind work! It was so kind of everyone to keep our patients in mind.  It really is a spirit lift for them to receive.

Bryn Mawr Hospital, Pennsylvania

Thank you for the beautiful cards, they were received today. 

John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital, New York

Thank you! Please thank everyone on behalf of the patients.

Harbour Landing Village, Saskatchewa, Canada

Thank you for sending the cards, our residents loved them! 

Cumberland View Aged Care Living, Victoria, Australia

I got your cards. Thank you so much!

Heritage Health Services, Wisconsin
Yes, we got the letters. Thank you so much!

Boulevard Wentzville Senior Living, Missouri
We received them! Thank you!

The Fremont Senior Living, Missouri
Your wonderful cards are here. I can’t wait for the residents to receive them. Thank you again!

Hospice of the Valley, California
Your card package was waiting for me when I came in today.  We love them.  They are all so personal and carry the imprint of their maker – a real person thinking of them.  We are going to provide them to our clinical teams as they visit patients.  I know they will bring smiles to everyone.

You surely did brighten our day and more days to come as they reach the intended persons.

Thank you so much for making these available for us!

Library Terrace Apartments, Wisconsin
Packet of cards and notes received. They brought joy and tears to our residents here at Library Terrace Apartments.
Thanks for all your cheer. Please continue this warming project.
Hugs from Wisconsin

Sheldon Oaks, Oregon
Thank you, the package has been, delivered. I really appreciate it and I bet our residents are going to appreciate it as well.

Beehive Homes of Frisco, Texas
We just received your letters, they look great! I’m going to pass them out to the residents soon, I’m sure they’ll love them.

Thank you so much!

Moorpark Health Care Center, California
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the cards!! Our Facility did receive them on Wednesday and it was a great surprise for them!  All residents LOVED getting your notes!

Atria Park of San Mateo, California
Got the package! Our residents enjoyed the cards.

Thank you for everything!

Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families, California
We just received them – they are beautiful! We will be sharing them with the kids. Thank you for thinking of us!

The Colonnade at Carrollwood, Florida
I received the package today! Again, thank you so much. The residents enjoy and really love the cards!

Creekside Rehab & Nursing, Oregon
I received the letters thank you so much! Our residents are so happy!

Southridge Place, Oklahoma
All of our residents really did enjoy them. Thank you so much.

Genesis Senior Living Center, Iowa
I just go the package with letters for the residents! Thank you so much, going to pass them out now!

Lowrie Place, Pennsylvania
They arrived today and I distributed them. They certainly brought smiles to their faces.

Thank you so much for adding sunshine to such a difficult time.

Westchester Village of Lenexa, Kansas
I just received you package this morning. Thank you so much for the cards,  the residents are going to enjoy them.

Cambridge Recreation Center, Nevada
I received your package this morning.  There are so beautiful, thank you again.

Millview of Latham, New York
I received your cards, thank you so much!
I will hand them out today to our residents

We really appreciate it!

Apple Rehab Middletown, Connecticut
Thank you for sending the lovely letters for our residents, we received them today.

Tuscola Healthcare Center, Illinois
I received the cards today. Thank you!

The Lodge at Wake Forest, North Carolina
Thank you so much for the cards! I plan to give them out today! Thank you again 🙂

Eliza Bryant Village, Ohio
Thank you so much for your care and thoughtfulness.

Vaca Valley Living, California
We got the notes!
Thank you SO much for the kind words and cards, they will be so happy to receive.

I will pass them out during this week.

Thank you again for all you do!

Healing Care Hospice, California
I did receive the cards, they were given to me yesterday! Again, thank you so much for sharing them with me, we will be distributing them along with our “Volunteer Services” letters that we send out to new patients weekly. You are doing such an amazing job! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Pocopson Home
I again wanted to thank you and the Brighten A Day Foundation for your generous and thoughtful gifts of the Kindle, Android Tablet, and pictures/cards for our residents.  You all truly are making a difference and helping to brighten our days!  Thank you again!

Highgate at Paoli Pointe
Thank you! Our residents are going to love the letters!

Brandywine Living at Haverford Estates
I got the package! Thank  you so much for thinking of us! It will be a big hit I know it!

Seva Hospice, California
We have enjoyed seeing the cards come in. Thank you for all you do!

Mission Skilled Nursing & Subacute Center, California
We received the cards, and notes. I am planning to give it to Residents tomorrow

Arkansas State Veterans Home at Fayetteville, Arkansas
Yes we have received the tablet and cards.   Thank you very much.

Artis Senior Living of Huntingdon Valley
We have received the tablet. Thank you so much. This means so much to our residents.

Hale House, Massachusetts
We got the Amazon fire and the lovely cards from all your virtual volunteers. The residents are writing “Thank you” Notes. Thank you again for all that you do.

River Valley Nursing Home, Kentucky
Thanks so much!! I’m excited to get it going with my residents. Thanks so much for them, they are very thoughtful.

Gold Country Health Center, California
Our residents loved the cards and videos. They loved the artistic work on the cards, the jokes were a hit, and the bible verses brought comfort. We will continue to share with our other residents.

Filosa Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center, Connecticut
The Residents enjoyed the very beautiful cards that you sent. It really brightened their day and they were so artfully and creatively prepared. Just lovely!!
What a wonderful thing you are doing, especially at this very difficult time in our country.
Thank you again so much.

Brewer Center for Health and Rehab, Maine
We have received your lovely cards last week and passed them out to our residents. Thank you for thinking of our residents!

Baxter Senior Living, Alaska
Thank you for all you are  doing to help brighten the days for our seniors and those across the nation.

Heartland of Columbia Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, South Carolina
Hi. Thank You so much for the Lovely letters. We so appreciate it. Thank you so much!

Powhatan Nursing Home, Virginia
The letters arrived the other day. Our residents loved them!

Crofton Care and Rehab Center, Maryland
I wanted to let you know we received the cards. Thank you sooooo much! I can’t wait to pass them out to our residents.

Krystal Bay Nursing & Rehab, Florida
We just received the cards today! So excited! Will give them out tomorrow. Thanks for thinking of our residents and brightening their day.

Elkins Rehabilitation and Care Center, West Virginia
Thank you so much.  The residents will love them.

Matulaitis Rehab and Nursing Center, Connecticut
yes, we have the cards and are sharing them! very nice:)thank you all very much! God bless you

Allaire Rehab & Nursing, New Jersey
We have received the package. Thanks again!

Nebraska Health Care Association, Nebraska
We received the cards and they are wonderful! Thank you again, Hita!

What a blessing!

Hibbard Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, Maine
Thank you again for all you’re doing.

Woodbury Senior Living, Minnesota
Thank you so very much. The residents are enjoying your cards and feeling your love.
One resident named Linda wanted me to send a personal thank you to you:
Linda states:
Please tell them thank you. It means more than you can ever imagine to get something from someone you don’t even know.  To think someone is thinking of you helps in the healing process. Please promise me you will write to them for me!” LINDA (resident)
We are so grateful for your kindness. Thanks again for reaching out to us.

Pocopson Home
Thank you very much for your generous donation of coloring books, word puzzle books, coloring pencils, and thoughtful notes.  Our residents love them! Your kindness and compassion towards others is truly heartwarming and welcome during these difficult times.

Artis Senior Living of Huntingdon Valley
Yes, I did receive the cards you sent. Our residents loved them. Thank you so much.

Sunrise of Exton
I just want to quickly say a BIG thank you for the bags you dropped off for our residents!  That was so thoughtful of you and the coloring and puzzle books are going to good use as we try to keep our residents busy during this challenging time. I just wanted to thank you for your kindness.

Daylesford Crossing
Thank-you for the inspirational messages. I just watched the video & it is AMAZING!!! It really touched me and I am going to see if we can play it tomorrow at our monthly staff training. Thank-you for thinking not only of our residents, but our staff as well!

Broomall Manor
Grateful to Brighten A Day for providing these packs! Such a wonderful idea for our Residents. The activity packs are awesome!!! Thank you for including Broomall Manor in your good works.

Mount Olivet Home, Minnesota
What a wonderful idea! We really appreciate you reaching out on behalf of our amazing residents. Any chance at brightening their days is appreciated! Thank you for reaching out, and for the amazing work you are doing!

AristaCare at Meadow Springs
It is truly amazing what you are doing for this population during this time. Some of the residents have already expressed their gratitude for the packs you delivered

Regina Nursing Center
Thank you so much for the gift packs. Your generous donations brought smiles to our residents. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful coloring books and uplifting notes.

Villa St. Francis Catholic Care Center, Kansas
Thank you so much! These are very sweet we will share with our residents! This will definitely brighten their day!

Parkmoor Village, Colorado
Thank you so much for thinking of others at this time.
I am sure your messages will help to lessen the feelings of anxiousness during this time.

Holladay Healthcare Center, Utah
Thank you!

Riverbend Post Acute Rehabilitation, Kansas
Your kindness and generosity is so appreciated!  Our residents and staff loved getting your hand written notes and cards.

Hardin Home Nursing Home, Tennessee
This was wonderful for our residents. Thank you so much.

Hibbard Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Maine
This is amazing work you are doing. Thank you for thinking of us.

Stanton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Kentucky
Thank you! Our residents love getting mail and handmade cards.

Promenade Health and Rehabilitation, Arkansas
Thank you so much!!!
We appreciate you!!

Millcroft Senior Living, Delaware
Thank you for thinking of our residents.

Brandywine Living at Haverford Estates
What you are doing is so amazing and thank you so much for the packets!

Beaumont at Bryn Mawr
This is such a thoughtful idea!

Brandywine Living at Senior Suites
Thank you for all you do.

Artman Lutheran Home
Thank you so much for the donation!
The residents are really enjoying them !

Maple Wood Manor, Michigan
Thank you so much for sending these. The residents love them.

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
Thank you so much for this.

Wayne Center
Thank you so much for sharing! we will broadcast your video today.  The residents will enjoy the kind words from you and your fellow brighten a dayers.

Highgate at Paoli Pointe
Thank you! We appreciate all that you do for our residents. Keep up the great work.

Westgate Hills
Westgate Hills would really like to Thank you for the activity bags. Our residents love them!! Thanks you.

Rosewood Gardens
Thank you, so much for thinking of us! We appreciate the support and generosity more then you know!

Surrey Devon
What a wonderful mission of sending others love, hope and kindness. We did get your packets…thanks so much for thinking of us! Thanks so much for Brightening our Members’ Day!! Quite impressive!

Dunwoody Village
Thank you so much for your generous donation of puzzle and coloring books, our residents will love them!

The Hickman
Thank you so so much for your kindness and generosity.  We have an activity cart that we are bringing around to the residents each day and your donations are perfect for this.  They will truly enjoy these activities. Thank you again.

Highgate at Paoli Pointe
We delivered the packets to our residents and they were delighted. We truly appreciate all the work that you do!

Barclay Friends
Thank you for delivering activity packets for the residents to use at Barclay Friends.

Exton Senior Living
Thank you for reaching out and thank you for the packets/notes for our residents!

Woodbridge Place
The gift bags are beautiful!!

Arbour Square at West Chester
I received the packs… THANK YOU for such a wonderful idea and your effort to help local seniors in this area.  It is greatly appreciated!

Bellingham Retirement Community
I would like to thank you very much for your gift to our Residents!

Devon Senior Living
We appreciate all of your gifts. We love the joy on their faces. Keep up the good work and Thank you again.

Daylesford Crossing
I just wanted to thank-you for your kindness towards our residents! They loved the packets that you sent over!

Wayne Center
Thank you so much for thinking of us during this time. The residents love the coloring packets!

Aventura at Pembrooke
Thank you so much for the wonderful bags. The residents were very excited!

UPMC Pinnacle
Thank you so much for thinking of UPMC Pinnacle, and for all that you’re doing to bring a smile to our patients faces! I’m sure the kids will love the cards!
Thank you!

Lankenau Medical Center
Thank you for the cards – they arrived yesterday.  We appreciate your efforts.  Please let the schools know that they brought joy and happiness to someone in the hospital.

Reading Hospital
Thank you for such a heartfelt offer.
Reaching out to others is very empowering.
Thank you,

Bryn Mawr Hospital
Thank you for such a kind gesture. I look forward to future opportunities as well.

Children’s Hospital at Sinai
Thank you for the package of Valentine’s Day cards. It is clear that a lot of thought and effort were put into the cards and we truly appreciate it!

Oishei Children’s Hospital
Hi! Thank you!!!! We delivered some of the cards today. The patients and families loved them!

Golisano Children’s Hospital
We appreciate all that you do to help our kiddos here at the hospital!

Chester County Hospital
Thanks you very much for the Valentine’s Day Cards.  They were very much appreciated.  I had two of our volunteers distribute them.  Thanks again for your kindness.

I got them!  Thank you so much!  They were given to the kids today and are being hung up for everyone to enjoy.

Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
Thank you so much for the Valentine’s day cards for the patients and families at Nemours.

Shriners Philadelphia
I love them!

Bryn Mawr Hospital
Thank you again for your kindness!

Some other thank-you messages from the community:

I think it is absolutely wonderful what you are doing for the elderly.

Thank you for spearheading this project.

As a former Recreation Therapy Director, I commend you! Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your help with those most in need.

I think what you are doing for senior citizens is sooo wonderful! I have a real soft spot for the elderly. Thank you, and may God bless you for your wonderful work. Jesus said:
“.. for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; … , I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’” Matthew 25:35,40

You are inspirational! Thank you for doing so much for the elderly. I would imagine that being isolated and losing so many they know must be devastating. Thank you again for the difference you are making.

Thank you for loving others. Your future is bright!

Wonderful project!

I think this is such a great thing you are doing! Thank you!

Thanks Hita!!! So love what you’re doing for our seniors!

Let me say what an amazing mission you have undertaken. Not many young people these days show the initiative and selflessness to start let alone run a charitable organization. Thank you for doing this! Thanks for reaching out and being so caring in this time of need.

This is fabulous!

Thank you for your leadership and your commitment to Seniors.  You are an amazing community organizer and agent for change.  I’m honored to support your work.

Thank you for all you are doing!!

Great initiative!

Thank you for the great work you’re doing! I’m sure the seniors are appreciative!!

You have a kind heart: I will spread the word. Keep up the great work,

Hita, What a wonderful idea and what a wonderful person you are to think of such a thing. You’ve inspired me and my family to do the same. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for what you are doing! It’s wonderful to witness your compassion.

I appreciate your kindness; thank you.

Thank you for your kindness and inspiration!

You are special!!!! Thank you.

Thank you so much for what you do Hita!  Keep up the good work!

Thanks for what you are doing for these special people.

Hita- thank you for all you do! What a great organization. Thank you for volunteering at Daylesford. You make such a difference!

I am impressed with the work you are doing, please keep it up.

This is such an awesome idea!

Keep up the good work! Thank you for caring for and about our senior citizens.

You’re doing a great service for the elderly residents!

Keep up the great work!

This is a great initiative. It’s wonderful to know there are young people out there making their communities a better place.

Great work!

Keep up the Good Work! You are making a difference Hita!

Thank you Hita! What you are doing is so beautiful.  You make our whole T/E community proud – Thank you!!

How impressive that you are a sophomore at Conestoga HS and already are a founder of a
501(C)(3)!  And what a wonderful mission of sending others love, hope and kindness. Thanks so much for your enterprising and kind spirit, Hita.

Thank YOU for all that you are doing to help our senior community at this difficult time!

Thank you for your generous thoughts.

Thank you for what you are doing.

Thanks for this important work you are doing.

Thank you for doing what you can for our community! Be well and be safe!

Thank you for doing such fine work.

What wonderful work you are doing for our community! Thank you!

Keep up the good work!

We admire you!

Thank you for doing this for our seniors!

Such an admiral thing you are doing to help Seniors.

Three of my children are CHS graduates. I am so proud of them, and now you. Making the world a better place… thank you so much

What Some of Our Volunteers Say

I decided to volunteer with Brighten A Day because while my own sister was struggling with Leukemia and spent long periods in the hospital receiving her treatments, she would often tell me how helpful it was when people called, sent cards, texts or visited.
Although my sister unfortunately passed away in 2019, the lesson she taught me has never left my heart and I felt Brighten A Day was exactly the right charity to carry out her words and help other’s get through their days when they might feel sick, lost, alone or sad. Sending cards, videos and talking to other people can really help remind them they are valued, loved and thought about it.
I was also so impressed with HIta Gupta’s passion for helping others, her quick response when I emailed her questions and her dedication to her charity starting from middle school. I told my family about Brighten A Day and they wanted to help out too.
We love painting together at night to make the greeting cards and we are just starting to make videos with my kids playing the guitar and making beats. I will start reading poetry and showing my gardens and crystals and my husband will start to read short stories for videos to be sent.
I am very excited to start our video chats as I love listening to people’s life stories and I enjoy talking to people and learning new things while sharing my love of nature, herbs and crystals.
I enjoy volunteering for Brighten A Day because I know it makes a child or senior happy even for a short moment and that thought makes me feel fulfilled. I believe every act of kindness helps make the universe a better place to live for all.
Thank you to Hita for allowing us to volunteer for your Brighten A Day foundation and for being a ray of hope which has inspired myself and my family to do the same.
– Diane Treat, New York

COVID-19 has impacted everyone in one way or another. I chose to volunteer with Brighten A Day because I wanted to help bring positivity to those not with their family or friends due to the pandemic. It was extremely easy to get connected and volunteer, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking to help! I chose to write cards to those in hospitals and nursing homes since I thought it would be nice to receive a physical item.
– Renee Alvarado, Colorado

My name is Christina. When I first learned about Hita and her non-profit, Brighten A Day, I instantly knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I have been making homemade cards for seniors during these difficult times. I use decorative paper and stamps and include a handwritten note of hello. I want each recipient of my cards to know that although they might feel lonely that many in the community are thinking of them. Volunteering with Brighten A Day has been such a blessing. I plan to continue to make cards, and hope to be able to video chat with seniors in the future as well. When not making crafts I am a English as a Second Language teacher who enjoys reading, writing, and bike riding.
– Christina Ensling, Pennsylvania

Out of all the things in the world, the most rewarding present anyone could ever give me would have to be a smile. After I realized that, I found out that my passion was spreading love to others. It soon turned into a foundation for everything I do in life and gave me a purpose I knew I had to fulfill. When I came across Hita’s non-profit organization, Brighten A Day, I was blown away. I was genuinely motivated by the fact that someone my age could devote so much time, resources, and talent to providing so much positivity to the world. Her mission really aligned with my beliefs, so I knew I had to contribute my part. At the beginning of this month, I started contacting Hita to learn more about how I could get involved. Not too long afterward, my sister and I made videos of ourselves reading books aloud and inspirational messages. I also moved on to creating little drawings and notes meant to uplift and encourage individuals to keep their heads up in the face of adversity. I hope the recipients will go on to embrace a positive mindset and continually better themselves. This is something I’m working on too, as I feel that investing in your mind, body, and soul will help you achieve your goals and fill your life with prosperity. All in all, I hope you are able to find the joy that brings a smile to your face as well!
– Trish Le, California

I chose to volunteer with Brighten A Day because I wanted to help people while I’m on summer break. However, the reason I chose to volunteer with seniors is because my mom when she was in high school worked at a senior center and said it was a great experience. This led me to wanting to volunteer at a senior center although due to the corona virus everyone is in quarantine and so I began to look at other ways to volunteer and found Brighten A Day which virtually allows me to volunteer to speak to seniors.
– Marissa Flores, California

I chose to volunteer because I know there are many seniors in our nursing homes who struggle with loneliness and feelings of being forgotten especially in these hard times with all the restrictions in place.  I have worked at several nursing home facilities in the activities dept and have seen firsthand the difference just one little visit and conversation can have for a senior.  It can make their day!!  Even their week!   I’ve always enjoyed being around our older people, as they have so much to offer! So much experience and life wisdom.  It’s interesting to hear their life stories and to discover their interests.  Ernie and I talked about our families and our grandchildren.  Also the fact he was a police officer and fire fighter (my grandfather was a long time fire fighter and so are some cousins).  I told him  I bet he has some good “cop stories” and I want to hear them next time! He laughed and said ok. ;))
– Sandy Reeb, Pennsylvania

I chose to volunteer with Brighten A Day because I have been feeling isolated from the world and lonely at times this summer due to quarantine. It is hard to stay away from friends and family for such a long time! But this made me think, if I’m having such a hard time staying connected, how do the people in nursing homes and hospitals cope, away from their friends, family, and the world for such extended periods of time? This made me want to reach out and try to talk to seniors over this summer! We both get the benefit of finding a connection and a respite from the sometimes frustrating and negative parts of this pandemic, and it’s all possible without compromising our safety or our goals of social distancing.
– Anu Satheeshkumar, Texas

As the Covid-19 pandemic began and before I found Brighten A Day, I told a friend that I would like to do something for seniors in nursing homes, especially because they couldn’t have visitors. So, after doing research and finding that Brighten A Day was sending cards to people in nursing homes, I was excited and felt it was meant to be.
The reason I felt such a strong connection to this is because my father is now 88, suffers from dementia, and is on Hospice. He had a remarkable career as a cardiologist, but because of physical limitations my family had to make the difficult decision to place him in an assisted living facility for 3 years. Luckily, during the past Christmas holidays (before Covid- 19) we made the decision to bring him back home to live and I have had a huge part in caring for him since. I am so grateful, and it’s the best decision we could have made. However, it did make me think of all the wonderful residents I met when he was there, as well as the countless others I don’t know, and I just felt a strong urge to help. Our elderly population is so often sadly forgotten. We have to spend more time caring for them, as they played such an integral role in helping our lives. I chose to hand write notecards to hopefully bring a smile to someone’s face. In these times, it’s rare to get a piece of mail simply saying you are cared for, so I thought it would make it an extra treat. My cards are sending them smiles, thoughts, and prayers while telling them they are special and loved. I’ve even drawn hearts and flowers on the inside, as well as stickers, to make it more personal and happy.
I feel like I have been blessed with so much to give, and there are so many people hurting right now for various reasons. I’m simply trying to spread kindness and make someone’s tomorrow better.
I have done other volunteer work, including working as a victim’s advocate and also with foster children, after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Most of my professional career has been in Human Resources. Currently, I live in Malvern, PA with my 13 year old daughter, and we love spending time in Valley Forge Park with our dog. I also love cooking, gardening, and traveling.
– Jessica Young, Pennsylvania

I chose to volunteer with Brighten A Day because their mission seemed very inspiring to me. I admired their goal of trying to help people who are physically isolated, feel as close to others as possible. I love making a difference in people’s days and lives and through this organization, I feel that I can do that. So far I have chosen to send a picture of a handmade card with a hopeful or inspiring quote on it. Through doing this, I hope that I am helping to lift the spirits of everyone who is feeling isolated. Outside of volunteering I enjoy dancing competitively, running and doing yoga. Volunteering through Brighten A Day has given me the opportunity to stay connected during a time where it is easy to feel secluded which I am extremely grateful for.
– Madelyn Mandel, New York

I lost my mom three years ago and my 82 year father is in Virginia (where I’m originally from) so seniors have a very soft spot in my heart.  Brighten A Day makes it easy to know I’m making someone happy that may not get any cards from family members. I want them to know that even though we can’t be there in person, that they are thought of constantly.  My aunt who was like a mom to me ended up in a nursing home.  It was heartbreaking to see how many senior citizens are forgotten about when they end up in there. I just want to bring a smile to someones day that may be lonely. I absolutely LOVE animals.
– Nancy Russick, Pennsylvania

I found your company in an email from Volunteer Match.  I am always looking for ways to reach out in the community and help others.  But it seems that with the current state of things, that’s been a little more difficult.  I thought, if my kids and friends could make some cards and notes to brighten someone’s day, that would be a perfect way to reach out!  I believe that even the smallest gesture, such as a friendly note, can really make a difference in someone’s outlook.  If we can all do one or two little things, imagine how much we can help! I’m getting together some cards to send out from our mom’s group, and that way we can teach our kids about the importance of sending that good energy outward!  It’s a lonely time for many seniors now, as visitors are often off-limits.  It can be very isolating.  So, I hope that we can do our part to make someone smile!
– Jaclyn Buckreis, Virginia

I chose to volunteer with Brighten A Day because I understand the value of human interaction. As a teenager, I rely on the ability to talk to my friends every single day. To know that there is someone there- someone that listens to me and genuinely cares about my life- makes me extremely grateful. Because of this, I wanted to give that same care and attention to those who don’t have the same access that I have. Finally, a little goes a long way with Brighten A Day. To be able to make people smile in such a short amount of time is an opportunity I could not pass up.
– Nina Zhu, Missouri

My name is Erin Garlett and I am from Okarche, Oklahoma. Since I was younger, I’ve enjoyed crafting, drawing and painting. In my free time, I paint, scrapbook or do calligraphy. One area I have used my creativity is writing letters to my friends. A couple years ago I fell in love with the idea of “snail mail” and started using my creativity to make each one unique.
Something I am also passionate about is serving. My favorite (and most frequent) place of service has been in an emergency room hospital, where I visit with patients and their families to ease their mind of their current situation. Due to the current circumstances, I have not been able to continue volunteering in person. After browsing for ways to serve remotely, I found Brighten A Day. When the opportunity came to combine two passions of mine it was a no-brainer! My goal is to let others know they are not alone and remind them that they are worthy by sending colorful, unique mail! I truly hope to use my gift of creativity to brighten someone else’s day!!
– Erin Garlett, Oklahoma

I decided to volunteer at Brighten A Day because during this pandemic we all need to feel loved and supported. These unprecedented times are isolating and stress provoking, especially for senior citizens and children in hospitals. I want these people to know that they are not alone. There are people that will always be there for them regardless of the physical isolation we have to subject ourselves to due to COVID-19. I have been making cards because colorful drawings and inspirational messages always cheer me up when I am feeling lonely. I hope to remind people that there still are wonderful things happening in the world, and with a bit of positivity, we can get through this together.
– Kaya Patel, New Jersey

I chose to participate in Brighten A Day because I really wanted not to merely believe with my mind, but see it through my eyes that taking the time to send notes, videos, or encouraging messages to the neighbors near and far will create a small ripple effect in this world and bring about a greater change. I really thought it was powerful of how the situation we are in is something everyone around all the corners of the globe could resonate with. I have been grateful to make cards—one side with the message and the other side with a drawing—for the elders and children in isolation. I hope with all my heart that the drawing will bring a smile to their mouth and the writing will bring laughter to their spirits. I have not been able to video chat yet, and am a bit nervous of how it will resume, but extremely excited to learn from the wisdom the seniors bring to everyday life. I hope I can learn the true, sincere heart of what it means to volunteer for others! Thank you.
– Yoonjung Kim, Illinois

I am Laily A., an upcoming eighth grader and Californian. Throughout the past couple of weeks, I have involved myself as a volunteer for the successful, impactful, and truly moving organization, Brighten A Day. I came upon making this decision for a variety of reasons. To begin with, I had just began my summer and had received a lot of free time. Bored and lonely in quarantine, I spoke to my parents about activities I can do to change our situation for the better and I clicked with their volunteering idea. As a dedicated and focused person, I immediately opened up a couple of websites in which organizations post opportunities. I closely read and dissected many posts on many sites before coming across Brighten A Day’s opportunity on I quickly emailed the compassionate founder, Hita Gupta, some of my questions and got a response within a day.
It became clear to me that I was both qualified and extremely excited to send over some notes via mail and some of my short nature movies (to give the seniors and children a taste of the outside world that we so dearly miss) to reduce the isolation and loneliness as well as stress that no human is equipped to handle. The notes included a brief one page text of information about myself, my struggles, and reassurance that this storm will not last forever. Then, I attached some Mandela coloring sheets, a self-care/acknowledgement of emotions worksheet, word searches, and crosswords I made! Lastly, I topped of my letter with a couple of inspirational sticker (ex. that “This will all be temporary”) I also crafted myself. Keeping them busy and distracted from time to time will limit depressing feelings and worries that sadly are not constructive. I often take to reading, playing card games, and doing word searches for the same reasons. In the end, it all boils down to wanting to give them and to receive a friend in this troubling time.
Out of all of the options provided by Brighten A Day, I chose to mail over letters because personally, as an old soul, I find that I personally get so much more joy from a letter than a text from a friend. Since texts can be unlimited for most people, they are often overused to say something unnecessary. On the other hand, letters take longer to arrive, contain your own handwriting, and can only contain a couple of pages of writing. As for videos, in general, I enjoy filming and editing short videos of nature scenes, animals, or beach views from the little trips I take around my home. What better time to display them to cheer up others (and quite frankly myself) when we are stuck at home for weeks at a time. I am also hoping to schedule some video chats with seniors because I’d love to make a new friend!
Beyond volunteering, I greatly enjoy writing, poetry, and reading classics. I just recently finished “The Giver” and am now reading “To Kill A Mockingbird”. One of my favorite extra curricular activity is speech and debate, which explains my aspiration of pursuing law in my adult life. Additionally, I love running, workout videos, and yoga. I live in a family of four with two adorable dogs, one a puppy! My favorite subject in school is social studies and I’m currently learning Spanish in the summer. With all of these activities, interests, and family, I have realized how privileged I am and thus, am trying to bring joy to those that are living a tougher life.
– Laily Afzal, California

I chose to volunteer at Brighten a Day because of their message and impact on the community. Small yet meaningful acts are something that are not difficult for many however they have such a large impact on the community and the people who are affected. Seeing a person’s smile and happiness and knowing it is because of me is humbling and worthwhile no matter what. That is what Brighten a Day is all about: small yet powerful acts driven by nothing but human compassion. I would like the isolated seniors and hospitalized children to feel special and important as they are and should be treated as nothing less. I have been creating bracelets with special messages and individualized notes for this particular reason, as I want to make their day special and remind them that they will always have someone who is thinking about them and sees them as a superhero. When it comes to my notes I make sure to include just how strong they are and how proud I am of their accomplishments.
– Imaan Chaudhry, New York

The impact that I was honestly hoping to make was to put a smile on the children’s and adult’s faces. I specifically chose to send cards and drawings because I believe that everyone could interpret it their own ways just like I did when I created the drawings thus, leading them to good and happy memories 🙂
– Jennifer Dang, Texas

I chose to volunteer with Brighten a Day because I wanted to cheer up and provide hope to hospitalized children and isolated seniors. I thought of my own grandparents and younger siblings that were becoming happier due to my communication to them, and it broke my heart when I learned that children and seniors didn’t get that sort of “social” interaction. I really wanted to reach out and brighten their day! When I send my cards, I always write some positive affirmations for a little pick-me-up or some funny jokes for a laugh. Thanks Brighten A Day for being such a great organization and giving me the opportunity to reach out to people and Brighten their day!
– Meher Kalsi, Virginia

I was tasked with identifying an opportunity for my team to “give back” during our company’s volunteer month. I found Brighten a Day on the volunteer match board. During the last few months, I think everyone has had to rethink human “connection” and many of us are so lucky to be spending this time with family. I think Brighten A Day was a perfect match for our team as it really targeted that connection in the COVID pandemic. I wish we could do more. Our initial ask was to each create 1 card for an isolated senior. I would love to have that opportunity to take it one step further and create pen pal relationships between our team members and these seniors. At the very least, I hope our cards brought a smile to their recipients. We creating a card because we spend most of our days on the computer. Getting crafty with pen and paper was a good way to get creative and step away from technology. I personally made a vibrant elephant figurine, and then wrote my note on the backside.
– Breanna Fuhrmann, New York

Hello, my name is Sierra Barry and I’ve been volunteering at Brighten A Day by making cards for senior citizens in nursing homes and kids in hospitals. I make all of my cards by hand and add a different inspirational quote inside of each one so that they’re all unique. I’ve made forty cards so far, and I am looking forward to making many more. Outside of volunteering, I play volleyball and enjoy reading and spending time with my family. I’m super thankful for this volunteer opportunity, and I hope that I will be able to make many hospital and nursing home residents happy.
– Sierra Barry, Texas

I found Brighten A Day through a volunteer website and thought to myself it seemed like a great cause and a wonderful opportunity to be a part of. I am hoping that by talking to seniors and children who are alone during this pandemic I can hopefully make them feel better and make them smile. I just want to help isolated seniors and hospitalized children and make an impact in helping them get through these times. I chose to video chat with seniors because I felt like it is important to listen to people and their feelings and it makes a huge difference listening to someone share what they feel especially when they feel lonely. I haven’t started chatting with seniors but when I do I hope to bond over common interests.  I haven’t decided yet if I want to send cards or notes, but I plan too at least include something inspirational or a really awful dad joke to help people laugh and still stay hopeful and cheerful if I do. Outside of volunteering, I love to draw and read, and I have a huge interest in forensic science.
– Nitya Sharma, New York

I stumbled across Brighten a Day when I was trying to find a way I can help people from the confines of my own home. I saw that I was able to send in letters and help people through these tough times that we are all going through and I immediately picked up writing letters to send in. Each letter I write contains some uplifting message that I hope will make the recipient smile and know that they are not alone despite being physically isolated. I also included some small talk about everyday things as if I was having a conversation with the recipient to create a sense of normalcy and show that things are going to be okay. By sending these letters in, I hoped to show that these elders in isolation are not truly alone and that people are hoping for their safety and health. I wanted to make an impact, no matter how small, during these turbulent times. Through these letters, I hoped to convey my support to my community and to hopefully spread some joy and positivity.
– Kieu Dao, Florida

I chose to volunteer with Brighten A Day because I have found that getting to know older people, hearing about their experiences, or just spending time together is a special privilege and that the interaction is always mutually beneficial. Through our video chats, I hope I can make the other person’s day better just as that person does for me. I’ve also been sending videos of myself playing the piano because I feel that music can be uplifting in a unique way. Playing the piano is something that gives me peace and joy, and I hope that it can have a similar impact on those who are listening. I’m grateful for the chance to volunteer with Brighten A Day and am glad I can participate in its mission of connecting isolated people across generations.
– Charity Chen, Florida

Hello! My name is Vivin, and I am going to be a senior in high school soon. Before I came across Brighten A Day, I would volunteer at local elementary schools to teach kids and to help with community events. I choose to volunteer for Brighten a Day because of the message this organization had on the community. When I found Brighten A Day, I was immediately interested because I wanted to play a role for my community during these unprecedented times. Since I am at high risk, and I have family members who are also at risk, there is not much for me to do in person. However, Brighten A Day allowed me to make an impact on seniors and hospitalized children by sending them notes, cards, and even allowed me to talk to seniors via Zoom. When I wrote the cards, my overall goal was to make them as colorful as possible. I would include small but cheerful notes because even though it was a small deed, I wanted it to have a lasting impact. The community needs to be there for one another during this time; Brighten A Day has allowed me to be a little piece of the puzzle. Brighten A Day has allowed me to serve my community in its purest way, allowing me to grow and understand people’s personal lives from all over the country.
– Vivin Dashora, California

I chose to volunteer with Brighten A Day because I wanted to help alleviate the loneliness and isolation that many seniors are experiencing during this devastating pandemic. My paternal grandmother lives in New York City and I haven’t been able to visit her as often as before or interact with her as closely. In addition, my maternal grandparents are in a senior home in China, which makes an in-person visit not feasible at this time. Due to the inability of physically spending time with my grandparents, I wanted to, at least, ensure that other seniors won’t have to experience such painful separation from their families or interaction with other people. I am hoping that through sending cards, and video-chatting later in the summer, I will be able to cheer up the spirits of the elderly who have been confined to their nursing homes. Even though the prospect of this pandemic is murky and possibly dark, I believe I can actively contribute this summer to bringing hope and optimism to isolated seniors and hospitalized children.
– Russell Fan, New Jersey

Brighten a day has been a foundation that really stuck out to me. This has been in the way that they make a difference in hospitalized kids, as well as isolated seniors lives. They really make sure to remind them to keep fighting and to not give up. I wanted to make a difference, so I made cards to encourage, and just make someone smile. I want them to know, there is always people thinking of them.
– Arushi Gambhir, Washington DC

I chose to volunteer with Brighten A Day because, as a senior living alone myself, I’m well aware of the importance of contacts with other people to brighten my own day.  And because our country lacks the national leadership we sorely need to hearten and unite us, we citizens must be the ones who acknowledge that we’re in this difficult time together and that sharing the burdens of others actually helps to lighten our own.  And since I’m a not quite retired children’s author who wrote a book as a way of maintaining connection with my grandson, I’ve chosen to share that book, “The Revenge of the Guinea Pig.”  Nothing brightens my day more than a laugh, and I hope my story will make readers laugh too.
– Susan Katz, Pennsylvania

I recently retired from a corporate job and moved to a new town.  I was looking at opportunities to give my time to my new community however, with the Covid-19 stay at home order, may volunteer opportunities were put on hold.  I saw an online posting for Brighten A Day.  The mission of reaching out to seniors is very important to me.  I chose to volunteer with Brighten A Day because they are able to match those in need with people who can help.  In addition, Bright A Day provides an online, socially distant opportunity which is critical at this time.

During isolation, we can sometimes dwell on the negative elements of our life.  Brighten A Day gives us the opportunity to connect in a favorable way.  My goal was to make someone smile.  I chose to make cards because it was a fun, creative outlet for me and because Brighten A Day created an easy platform to share them.   To hopefully make someone smile and bring cheer, I would include Covid-19isms in a light hearted way – silly masks or social distance hugs.  On some other cards, I included quotes from my favorite philosopher, Winnie the Pooh.   His wisdom helps put words to my thoughts and he is so cute!

Outside of volunteering, I enjoy spending time with my family.  I have not been able to see my kids because of the virus and it is very hard.  I also like to hike, bike, and enjoy the outdoors.   I want to thank Brighten A Day for the opportunity to brighten someone’s day.  I appreciate their ability to match the need with those who can help with such ease.  Keep up the great work.
– Terri Watson, Pennsylvania

Brighten A Day provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with seniors who are isolated from their families during the Covid Pandemic. I normally volunteer at the local hospital and with hospice patients and their families. I wanted to continue to do outreach work during the pandemic and Brighten A Day was a good fit. I’m looking forward to connecting with seniors and brightening their days!

I’m a mom of two grown children, have a great husband, three dogs and chickens. I am also a ceramic artist and enjoy reading and time with my friends.
– Anne Gans, Pennsylvania

My name is Riya Chopra, and I am a junior attending The University of Texas at Austin. I chose to volunteer with Brighten a Day because I am passionate about helping others, and with the unsettling times right now I know how hard it’s been for those who are isolated or hospitalized. I hope to put a smile on these individuals’ faces and uplift them through meaningful conversations. I love talking to these beautiful seniors about their interests and ways they are spending their time during quarantine, as well as some wonderful memories they have from their past. I chose to video chat with seniors because I love talking to and meeting new people!

My personal interests include Bollywood dancing, traveling, and trying new recipes! I also love focusing on mindfulness and exploring/learning about new cultures.
– Riya Chopra, Texas

Hi!I chose to volunteer with Brighten A Day because I looked into the organization and saw how loving and thoughtful the virtual community was. I was also very interested in helping people and bringing a little joy into their lives. I hope that by sending these letters to isolated seniors, they’ll feel less alone and more hopeful. I love drawing and talking to people and making people smile, so I thought that this would be an amazing opportunity for me to spread happiness. In my cards, I include personalized messages of hope and love and drawings and puns of cute things that should make people smile. I love biking, reading, spending time with my family, and playing with my dog!
– Elana Brown, Washington DC

I chose to volunteer with Brighten a Day because I love helping out with projects related to youth. I hope that through making cards, I can make someone’s day special and cause them to smile. In order to make my cards unique, I add personal touches, from jokes to movie recommendations. I currently am working towards a President’s Volunteer Service award due to all my contributions!
– Vivian Gao, Virginia

Being a disabled senior myself, who spent years in a facility, your idea is GREAT. I have given cards to a local home. Selfishly, I’ve been SAD that the best I could offer, was to keep away from ppl. NOTHING TO OFFER. Well ” Brighten-a-day” changed that + I’ve been able to feel like I’m making a POSITIVE difference. Keep up the kindness
– Michele O’Connell, West Virginia

Hi, I’m Anya from Chennai, India, and am currently a High School Student. I chose to volunteer with Brighten A Day because I believed the method in which they were helping others was incredibly respectable and creative. Living so far away during this pandemic, I found myself searching for a way to help others remotely, and Brighten A Day offers a variety of ways to volunteer remotely. I would love to make a difference to seniors and hospitalized children by providing short videos from my peers about anything from teaching a new skill to a short skit. From this, I am hoping to make their days in quarantine a bit more enjoyable and personable. Because sending videos is compatible with our different timezone, I felt as though it was the best option given my location. In my videos, I have included a student drumming and have more videos to come from students offering encouraging anecdotes. Outside of volunteering, I enjoy reading, cooking/baking, and playing soccer and basketball. Currently, similar to the quarantined seniors and hospitalized children, I’m not enjoying having to keep my distance from friends.
– Anya Mall, Chennai, India

I volunteered with Brighten A Day because I remember my grandma that passed away a couple of years ago. I remember all the happy memories that I cherished with her.  During this difficult time something as simple as a card, letter, or video message can make a great impact on the seniors’ day, since they cannot see their families as often. It gives me that happy feeling that I had with my grandma. It really makes a difference. It makes you feel rewarding that you could help someone out and with Brighten A Day I felt exactly that.
– Briana Sanchez, Illinois

Brighten a Day has helped connect me to some of those that have been most affected during this difficult time of a global pandemic. Residents of assisted living facilities and nursing homes have not been able to see their loved ones for quite some time now. I’ve really enjoyed my time chatting with seniors and learning about their rich life experiences. My conversations with Kathy have been very inspiring as I get the opportunity to discuss our different backgrounds, cultures and interests. I’m really glad I took up this volunteer opportunity to connect with seniors.
– Zahra Jabeen, Texas

I chose to volunteer with Brighten a Day because I wanted to make an impact on others; I felt it wasn’t enough to just share my sympathies with others, but I felt the need to take action in helping those who could not see their families as often. I enjoy speaking with seniors because they have their whole life to talk about, and it inspires me to constantly make valuable memories that I will be able to pass down to others. Personally, Ernie and I were able to bond over our differences in music – the cultural changes that took place between my life and his was astounding. Overall, my experience with video calling a senior was really positive and I’m glad I took up the opportunity!
– Sarah Mohammed, New Jersey

My name is Niva Menon , I am a singer songwriter , who loves to draw ,dance, play guitar, play piano, and sing.I chose to volunteer because, I know how hard it is, especially during these hard times to have family over. So I thought that when virtually performing, by singing and playing the guitar  , it would help bring back wonderful  memories, so that the senior citizens can always remember their family. I would like to make this difference because  I want them to know that they are not alone , and we are here to help them , in whatever they need. So I hope it makes that impact , by helping them , so they can enjoy themselves during  these hard time. Thank You .
– Niva Menon, Pennsylvania

Hi everybody! My name is Kabir Malik, I live in New York City, and I am currently a rising senior in high school at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. To give you a better sense of me, I am an avid tennis player and fan (Go Djoko!), enjoy playing the piano and guitar, and have always felt a strong connection to the sciences. The way I look at it, science is a never-ending endeavor that allows us to shed light on who we are, where we came from, and above all, how we can leave a lasting, positive, and meaningful impact on the lives of others. In fact, science and the act of helping out in one’s community can almost be viewed as one and the same. Ever since I made this connection, I have been committed to incorporating my passion for science into a broader, societal context in which I tangibly lend a helping hand to those around me.
When I came across “Brighten A Day” and learned of the fantastic work that Hita and her volunteers have been doing – that is, brightening the days our beloved senior citizens – I knew that I just had to get involved! As we transition into this “new normal” ignited by the current humanitarian crisis, our seniors are increasingly isolated and by themselves. However, I strongly believe that “Brighten A Day” has provided us all with a framework to not only combat these growing feelings of loneliness in the elderly, but also put a smile on their faces – one note, card, and video chat at a time. 🙂 I can’t wait to continue brightening the days of our beloved seniors, and I hope that you have all been staying safe, healthy, and happy!
– Kabir Malik, New York

I am a stay at home wife with no children but my two small dogs.  Until recently I was the caregiver to my husband for home hemodialysis.  I love crafting – cards, stamping, bookmarks, dot painting and cross stitch.  Since the pandemic started I have been looking for ways to share my love for crafting cards and bookmarks; I saw Brighten A Day featured in CNNs page and new these seniors and young children that Hita was helping would be delighted with my bright, cheery cards and book marks.  I always try to include a uplifting sentiment on the cards and hope that each person that receives a card feels the love and caring that I put forth into each one and brightens there day.  My other interests are gardening, my dogs, camping, and off road vehicles.
– Tracy Koens, California

I have always held a deep respect and affinity for seniors because of the wisdom they possess.  My mother was a registered nurse and I began visiting patients with her when I was a child in the 70’s. I always enjoyed hearing the life stories these lovely people shared,  but I also saw firsthand that people can become lonely very easily,  especially when isolated for any reason.  So when I came across The Brighten A Day Foundation I knew I wanted to contribute my correspondence to hopefully make someone feel not quite as lonely.  Technology is wonderful,  but I am old school and prefer handwritten notes because I feel they are especially personal in this case. I like to add stickers and small “motivational phrase cards” to my notes so recipients have something more to keep as happy reminders that they are loved!
Many thanks to Brighten a Day!!
– Sandra E. Hood, Texas

I chose to volunteer for Brighten a Day because I want to be a source of comfort and support to others. I have always been close with my grandparents and due to COVID-19, I realized how more than ever, it is important that we stay close in contact with our loved ones and those who might feel lonely. I want to show the elderly that someone still cares for them. I hope that by conversing with them, I can cheer them up and bring them joy during these trying times.
– Jan Ashley Escosio, California

My name is Ésa, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Ireland. I wanted to send cards to the elderly as I have experienced working at an elderly hospital and the impact that friendliness has on those who are away from their family. Often they feel lonely, bored or hopeless which is why reaching out and sending a personalised letter is so important. I also think they appreciate letters as it is a more familiar and traditional form of communication for them, rather than modern day technology like text or Skype.
My hobbies include arts & crafts and sport, kickboxing in particular. I love animals and I have my own pet ducks.
– Esa Foyle, Ireland

I chose to volunteer because I know there are many seniors in our nursing homes who struggle with loneliness and feelings of being forgotten especially in these hard times with all the restrictions in place.  I have worked at several nursing home facilities in the activities dept and have seen firsthand the difference just one little visit and conversation can have for a senior.  It can make their day, even their week.  I’ve always enjoyed being around our older people, as they have so much to offer, so much life experience and wisdom.  It’s interesting to hear their life stories and memories.  My online friend, Ernie, and I talk about our families and our grandchildren. We talk about the jobs we’ve held.  He tells me about his working as a police officer and fire fighter.  It really is a rewarding experience and I do want to encourage more people to volunteer and be a friend to a senior!
– Sandy Reeb, Pennsylvania

Each year during the summer months, I like to have my kids get involved with volunteering with me to help the community in some way. In the past, we’ve helped by serving meals to the homeless or delivering meals to seniors. Now, since covid-19 has hit the U.S., I needed to find a safer way to volunteer in helping others and I found Brighten a Day Foundation through Volunteer Match. I felt that my kids and I could certainly make time to write letters and encouraging notes to isolated seniors and hospitalized children. It’s a good way to show consideration for others and I’m hoping to help make a difference in their lives by letting them know that people care.
More recently, I’ve started chatting with a senior in another state, and it has been a pleasure to discuss current events and various life experiences with my match, who always seems delighted to have our chats. It doesn’t take very much to show others that you care. After all, we’re all in this world together and we should do our part, in some way to contribute some goodness.
– Lachelle Owens, Florida